clean up your e-mail box

Clean up your e-mail box. Drawers, part of object of Tejo Remy.

Whatever time of year it is – it’s always good to clean up your e-mail folders. And not only clean up, but also see if you can adjust the way that you deal with e-mails.

Do you want to clean up rigorously:
1) Create an “Old” folder and put all e-mails older than the current year there.
2) Go to that folder and sort by sender, or by subject. Keep only the most recent, or those that still contain valuable information. You can probably get rid of a lot.
3) Empty the ‘Deleted items’ folder.
4) Check the ‘Sent items’ folder. Are there any messages there for which you are still waiting for a response? Put it in a folder ‘Waiting’ – see also point 3) below.

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Relaxation by learning

Relaxation by learning. Detail of piano and music paper.

If you have a lot on your mind, it is important to be able to relax, so that you can continue to think freely. Take regular time out for relaxation. And make time for family and friends.

Relaxing and keeping your brain flexible: you can do this in many ways. In addition to walking, good dining, resting, lazing around, reading or exercising, learning something new is also a form of relaxation. You use your brain in a different way, using a different part, and it can therefore let go of the other things – and thus relax.

Examples of new things: learning to play a musical instrument (and then my choice is piano, maybe not the easiest ;)), learning another language (tip: the app Duolingo), juggling, sewing, carpentry, getting to know edible plants, etc. There are plenty to choose from! And if you want to learn something really well – the more concentrated you are, the better you learn and relax!

Extra tip: don’t give up too quickly, buckle down to something! Set a goal. My goal: within a few years I want to be able to play some beautiful or fun pieces if I should find myself in front of a piano somewhere. That will take some practice :).

Decluttering books?

Books are usually not the easiest part of decluttering a house. They belong to a part of your life, they have become part of the furnishing, they are your memory, and they form a trusted environment. But they can take up a lot of space, collect dust, and be damaged by silverfish …

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Set your (holiday) limits

Holiday Limits. Cards.

The summer period is here, and perhaps you are going on holiday. You often choose a totally different way of life. For example, a small house, a tent, or perhaps just a few bags and a bicycle. You take a condensed selection of stuff with you in a suitcase, and leave the e-mail to its own accord. You limit certain distractions, because then you can enjoy the different holiday surroundings to the fullest. You become nifty at getting along with less stuff, you come up with creative solutions, and finally, without the TV and the computer, you have time for that book.

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