Time for the Home

Time flies – it slips through your fingers – I think that that feeling is easily recognizable. And at the end of the day, you’ve failed again to do what you had planned.

It is pleasing, and makes time available, if you can be aware of how you spend your time, and if you can structure this. And I don’t mean to plan everything in a tight schedule, but to ensure that at a particular time you get down to doing a particular activity. I will do this together with you by listing all the things to be done, and the things that you really want to do.

You can also tidy up a list of tasks – making choices, setting priorities – these are important parts of time management, and come quickly into focus. We will look for, and find, an approach in which your activities can be planned and executed in your own way. Looking out for pitfalls, smart housekeeping, or study plans are areas where I can pay particular attention.

Are you still uncertain? Perhaps you are nervous about me looking at your tasks with you. But … you do want to do things differently, and you do want to spend your time effectively. Allow yourself a fresh and critical view of your allocation of time. It will give you more time and calm, both in your activities and in your head.

Time for the Home. Detail of my planner Plan-in.   Time for the Home. A kichen garden.

Do you want to start with doing something: Here are some handy time-tips for the home.

Would you like to start working with me: an introductory meeting is free, and you can aarrange the following training:


2 x 2 hour practical coaching; cost € 270 (including VAT and my ‘Plan-in’ planner). An extra hour costs € 75 (incl. VAT). What you get:

  • Personal advice
  • The ‘Plan-in’ planner
  • Homework between the two coaching sessions
  • Tips and a checklist
  • One month after the last meeting, an evaluation by e-mail or telephone.

For travel time longer than a half-hour, I add a small sum for travel costs. This training can also be done via Skype – the costs are the same.

Shall we make a start? Make an appointment for an introductory meeting.