You get inspiration from what you read, see or hear. Or it often comes to you when you are in the bath, or riding your bicycle … these are mostly things that you have read, heard or seen earlier. And then they suddenly acquire a meaning, or you see a link. I regularly write an article (blog) about all sorts of issue to do with organizing in general, photo organizing and time management. You can read them here – and if you subscribe to my newsletter (it’s in Dutch though..), you will get these blogs together with some practical and easily applicable tips. You can read some that I published earlier under Tips (in English).

My website is not called ‘Van een andere orde’ or ‘Of a different kind’ for nothing. All kinds of things that I like or that inspire me – because they have something to do with organizing – I describe on that website. Have a look – it’s in Dutch though, but maybe the photos can inspire you :).

I am committed to the recycling of things. I want to give them a new life, or ensure that the constituents are recycled as raw materials. I am also a fan of upcycling – the making of a new product from used material; for example, a bag from the material from a broken umbrella, or a cake stand from old plates. I enjoy doing this. The covers of my books and other products are made from old archive folders that I get from Erfgoed Leiden (Leiden Cultural Heritage). I am pleased to provide some inspiration and tips see Recycling en Upcycling.

Inspiration. The word 'Look' painted on the ground.