Clothes and numbers

Clothes and numbers. Victor & Rolf.

Clothing is a recurring theme in terms of organization. Do you have a large pile of clothes on a chair – and thus clothing that is not in the wardrobe? Perhaps those are things that you wear most often.

Many clothes are in the wardrobe because perhaps they will be useful one day. Or because the colour was in the mode then. Or because the trousers were expensive, but they are not a comfortable fit. In general you wear about 20 % of your clothes, and another 10 % for special occasions. Thus 70 % you do not use, or hardly use. This is perhaps a good reason to examine the contents of your wardrobe(s) … with fewer clothes you will need less storage space, and choices will be easier.

The American, Courtney Carver, came up with Project 333. Four times a year, you choose 33 pieces of clothing, including coats and shoes. Only these 33 pieces stay in the wardrobe, and you wear them for 3 months. The rest are temporarily stored in boxes.

Choosing 33 pieces of clothing forces you to think about and realize which pieces you really wear, and which go well together. You value your clothes more, and probably buy less. Thus good for the purse too.

Did you know that successful people (predominantly men, by the way) often wear the same thing all the time? Of course they have got more than one black shirt (Steve Jobs) or grey shirt (Mark Zuckerberg), but they lose no time in choosing their clothes … It is boring and unambiguous, and they do have a point. 🙂