Your work is a vegetable garden

Imagine your work, or a project in your work, as a vegetable garden. The vegetable garden requires constant attention, but not all the required work can, or needs to be done, at the same time.

The structure of a good vegetable garden is straightforward and easy to understand. Vegetables grouped by type, and you must be aware of when something needs attention. It is important you know when you need to sow, harvest, thin or prune, etc. And hoeing and weeding are an integral part of the work.

Prepare an overview of your work, how much time each task costs (dividing into sub-tasks, if necessary), and when each task must be completed. Then you can see each day how much time you have available and select a task that fits the time. This is the principle of ‘Plan-tation’ – a booklet with a fresh view of planning. Is this something for you, or are you curious? Download the pdf file with two plans for a project. Print it and fill it in with the elements of the work or job. In the booklet are plans for projects for a week and for a day, and for household tasks – after all, everybody understands a vegetable garden. You can order a booklet under Products.