Do you have a lot of photos in albums, in boxes, in drawers, waiting in the attic to be sorted out and perhaps digitized? The albums stare at you, the piles of photos prick your conscience … and at the same time, photos remain stashed in boxes. Strange, because if you ask yourself or a person in the street what you would save in the event of a house fire it is always … the photos! Time to start organising them.

In the Netherlands, billions of digital photos are taken every year and are stored on computers, mobile phones, tablets or in a ‘cloud’. Help, where are they?! Does that sound familiar? Would you like something to be done with those photos? At some point, the computer memory will be full, or something will happen to your smartphone or your tablet, or the “cloud” might not be accessible. Time to start work, so that they’re finally organised! Here are some useful photo tips.


The goal is to keep those photos that have the most value for you, to choose them and to safeguard them for future generations. And in particular, to be able to enjoy them now. If your photos are organised, you’ll enjoy them a lot more anyway, because you will be able to find them quickly. I really enjoy thinking about ways to do more with the photos – once they’re organized. See for example ‘Photos tell a story’.

GETTing started

Are you not sure how to start, would you like to do it together, or do you want to hand over as much as possible? See below for three possible ways to set about organising your photos (DIY, DWY, or DFY). I am familiar with working with an iMac, Macbook and iPhone and with smart programs to sort and edit. I also have adequate experience with a PC and Android smartphone. I have all kinds of equipment and facilities to transfer digital photos and I have a scanner to digitize analogue photos. Do you still have old videotapes, films, slides, etc.? I can ensure that these are also digitized, so that they are preserved for future generations.

I can help companies with sorting out, supplementing and structuring their image bank or photo library – so that the right photos are properly archived and accessible. Marketing and creative companies in particular benefit greatly from an effective image archive.


With my help, you can set about organising your photos in three ways:

DIY – Do it yourself

Start-up help for DIYers, for both printed and digital photos. If you prefer to do the photo project yourself, for example the organisation of all your digital photos, but still need some advice or a step-by-step plan, then this DIY package offers a good solution. One or two consultations of 1 to 2 hours are usually sufficient. This can be done in my studio, in your home, or via Skype or Zoom. I write a step-by-step plan after the first interview.

Dwy – Do it Together with you

If you see organizing photos as a major hurdle or maybe you have too little technical knowledge, then it is a good plan to do it together. We discuss your wishes and I make a plan of action. We will work in phases; I’ll sit next to you (or we’ll work via Skype or Zoom) to do some parts together. You get homework assignments in between, and I keep my eye on the progress made. The homework and successive appointments provide you with the discipline and incentive to get your project finished.

DFY – Done for you

If you don’t have the time or resources to undertake organising your photos but would very much like to see a completed photo project, then I will do it for you.
It can be the whole project or a sub-project. An example of a sub-project could be ‘everything organised in year folders and duplication eliminated’ so that you get a manageable collection that you can continue with, for example, by creating subfolders. You can also have me do the latter, followed by making photo albums. Or I will take all boxes, albums and discs with me and will sort and organize everything. Of course, I will take good care of the materials, do everything in consultation, document everything and keep you informed of the state of affairs.

I always start with an extensive introductory meeting and an inventory, so that it is clear to both parties what the requirements and possibilities are. After the introductory meeting I can make a rough estimate of the hours/costs and a plan of action.
My hourly rate is € 75,00 (this is incl. VAT). For travel times longer than half an hour, I add a small sum for travel costs.
Working together or advice is also possible remotely, via Skype or Zoom for example. I have already done several projects completely remotely, including clients from abroad.

For companies my hourly rate is from € 85,00 (excl. VAT). For a commission with an agreed and well-defined scope, I can quote a project price

Shall we get started? Make an appointment for an introductory meeting! This is free of charge.