Do you also have many photos sitting in albums, in boxes, in draws, and in the attic waiting to be sorted and perhaps digitized? The albums stare at you, the piles of photos prick your conscience – but the photos stay in the boxes. Ironic when you think about it, because if you ask yourself or a person in the street what he or she would save in the event of a house fire it is always … the photos!

Billions of digital photos are made every year in The Netherlands, and they are stored on computers, mobile phones, tablets and in the cloud. Help, where are they?! Is this familiar? Would you like something to be done with the photos? Eventually the computer memory will be full, or something will happen with your mobile or your tablet, or the cloud is not available. It is time to get going and do something with your photos. Do you want to start yourself – here are some handy photo tips.


Photo left: Exhibition The Many Lives of Erik Kessels, Torino (I)

The goal is to choose and keep the photos that you value most highly, and to safeguard them for future generations. And in particular to be able to enjoy them now. If your photographs are organized, you will enjoy them more because you can find them quickly.

Are you not sure how to begin, do you want to do it together with someone, or do you want to hand over as much as possible to someone else? Everything is possible. Firstly, I make a plan of attack. After making a thorough inventory, we will collect the photos together and make back-ups, in order to then remove duplicates, make choices, clean up and sort.  Scanning can be the following step. Finally the photos, analogue or digital, need to be stored in an effective way. It doesn’t matter whether they are prints (analogue) or digital photos, we will tackle them with care. I am familiar with working with an iMac, MacBook and iPhone, and with clever programmes for sorting and editing. And as each individual has his/her own preference for type of equipment, I also have enough experience of PCs and Android smartphones. I have all sorts of extra equipment to ensure that work can always proceed.

I can help companies with sorting out, augmenting, and organizing their image bank or photo library, so that the right photos are properly archived, and are accessible. Marketing and creative companies in particular benefit from an effective image bank.


I enjoy thinking together about a way to do more with the photos – once they are organized. See for example ‘photos tell a story’.

Do you want to work with me to organize your photos, or let me organize them: an introductory meeting and short inventory is free. My hourly fee is € 65 (including VAT) if we organize the photos together, and € 50 if I do it alone (within clear agreed limits, of course). This is also possible remotely, via Skype for example. For companies, my hourly fee starts at € 75 (excluding VAT). For a commission with an agreed and well-defined scope, I can quote a project price. For travel time longer than a half-hour, I add a small sum for travel costs.

I offer the following standard photo package for private individuals:


Six hours sorting and organizing: cost € 365 (including VAT). This can be extended with additional hours.

What do you get?

  • 2 x 3 or 3 x 2 hours working together;
  • Homework for between appointments;
  • Where applicable, good quality photo boxes in which the photos will be stored;
  • Discount on subsequent appointments.

Shall we make a start? Make an appointment for an introductory talk.