Playful planning

Planning with Lego.

If you are looking for a light-hearted way to plan activities, look no further than Lego. You’ve probably got some in the house, but you will need a baseboard. If you also have plenty of bricks and figures, you can go to town.

If you want to plan the days of the week, for example, or who has to empty the dishwasher, or who is doing sport where, make stickers with the names of the days and use various shapes and colours to indicate activities. Per person and per activity you can use a figure, and/or another colour. You can create a legend on another board (or another part of the board), labelling the coloured bricks by activity.

If you don’t have Lego, you can use alternatives, such as a metal baseplate with fridge magnets, or a bulletin board with cut out pictures stuck on cardboard that you can pin up.