Recycling and Upcycling

If you are busy with organizing, tidying up, decluttering or making room, then you may think of recycling. You don’t have to throw things and materials away. I am interested in, and active with:

  • Re-use (a new life for used articles)
  • Recycling (making new raw materials from used stuff)
  • Upcycling (making new things from used stuff)

I will give you tips and advice with pleasure. On this page you can find addresses and ideas with which I would like to help you. And if you want to undertake a comprehensive tidy up, then we can do that first!



  • Stichting Gered Gereedschap (Rescued Tools Trust) The Trust offers practical development aid by collecting, refurbishing and sending tools out to developing countries. The Trust helps technical schools and starting entrepreneurs with recycled hand tools, sewing machines, and workshop machines. The Trust takes in the necessary tools at various collection points, and refurbishes them in various workshops.
  • Stichting Inzameldoelen (Collection for Causes Trust) – (in Dutch). The Trust was set up by fellow organizer, Ingeborg Koot, and provides a platform, in the form of a website (in Dutch), with addresses where you can take stuff. The organizations that you find on the website collect goods and ensure that your unwanted things reach the people that can best use (or re-use) them. Or they sell the things, and donate the proceeds to a good cause.


  • Plastic Heroes – (in Dutch). Plastic Heroes is a collection system for empty plastic packaging, such as PET and other plastic bottles, butter tubs and other plastic containers. Your local council chooses whether it collects plastic waste in transparent bags, or places containers where you can deposit your waste. Plastic Heroes has a list that you can use as a guideline for the collection of plastic packaging (including drink cartons (if your local council has chosen to collect these together with waste plastic)).


  • Loopalife (in Dutch). Loopalife makes attractive and sustainable clothes from (your) old pullovers. No other raw materials, water or chemicals are used, so super sustainable.
  • Shirt Bag (in Dutch) en A creative entrepreneur makes new products from old, unwanted material such as bags, T-shirts, and an assortment of offcuts.