Orderly Working Environment

Have you ever mislaid your laptop, are you surrounded by too much stuff, or do you go crazy with the torrents of incoming e-mails? If you have a lot to do, or a lot to think about, it is tricky if your working environment is shambolic.

Why don’t you spend some time and thought on sorting it out. Give yourself a good start, a helping hand. We can work together on your working environment; I will teach you to work in an organized manner, making effective use of space and materials. My clients include self-employed entrepreneurs, and employees of small and large companies or institutions.

An attractive orderly workplace, a well-organized archive, materials easy to find, a clear overview of your mailbox, the ‘to do’s’ under control … these are the basic requirements for being able to work effectively and with pleasure – and it is all possible!

Organizing at work. Detail of an organized drawer.    Organizing at work. Drawers in a lettercase.

Perhaps you think – yes but I can surely do that myself – I will reorganize everything in the holidays. Haven’t you thought that often before, and nothing has come of it? Now you need a little push, or another viewpoint. Or just some handy tips that you don’t have to hand. Do you want to do something yourself? Here are some useful organizing tips for your work.

Would you like to start working with me: an introductory meeting is free, and I work in modules of 3 hours. I offer the following Workplace Package:


Two modules and evaluation; cost € 475 (excluding VAT).


Two modules and evaluation; cost € 545 (excluding VAT).

You get an orderly workplace, and tips and tools to stay organized.

For travel time longer than a half-hour, I add a small sum for travel costs. You can extend the packages with extra hours.

Shall we make a start? Make an appointment for an introductory talk.

Organizing at work. Archive boxes.