Organizing digital photos

Around 2004, many people began taking digital photographs. So did I. That means that I now have 14 years’ worth of digital photos. I store them in folders in my computer (iMac with iPhoto) in chronological order.

Besides the date (year-month-and in some cases day), the folders are also given a name, such as “Italy” or “Paul’s Exhibition”. That is my most important tip: in the photo application on your computer, make main folders by year, and sub-folders by subject , or main folders by subject (holidays) and sub-folders by country and/or year . One subject can be ‘various’ for photos that do not belong in a particular category. Or, for example, a sub-folder ‘ideas’, if you regularly get inspirations. It is important to remember that when you start a new sub-folder, first discard all the failed and second-class photos, and make critical choices about which photos you want to keep.

Next, copy all the photos onto an external storage medium (USB-stick or hard disk) as ‘back up’. Keep this back-up medium in a safe place in your house. Naturally, you will need to update the back-up as you add new folders to the computer. You can also store photos online, in the cloud (for example Dropbox – free storage up to 2 GB, Google Amazon or iCloud).

If you make a lot of photos with your mobile or tablet, then Dropbox or Google is a good place to collect all the photos so that you have a complete overview. You can then view all your photos on whatever apparatus you choose.

Finally a tip when travelling: make regular back-ups of your photos by uploading them to Dropbox or other cloud service when you have WiFi available.