The Foto Organizers Nederland

The Foto Organizers Nederland. Group Photo on day of foundation

I proudly present FON, Foto Organizers Nederland. Six experienced professional organizers, members of NBPO (Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Professional Organizers – Dutch Professional Association of Professional Organizers) and the American Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO). It started in London during the 2017 APPO conference. Cathi Nelson, President of the APPO, gave such an enthusiastic and convincing presentation that we knew that we were also photo organizers! In the following year, all six of us became members of the APPO.

We became an intervision group (a peer group for expertise development); it is enjoyable to work together making plans and inventories, and exchanging experiences and tips. And now … we are FON, Foto Organizers Nederland. We officially started offering photo organization on 6 June on the steps of Utrecht Station under the motto “together is fun, together is strong”.

We are going to bring order and clarity to the photo-hoarding world! Because photos are too enjoyable and precious to molder in dusty boxes or digital folders. Do something with them, because photos are memories, and they can inspire you and teach you something. To see what I as photo organizer can do for you, go to photos on this website. There are also some tips in Dutch on the FON website.