Privacy Advocate

At the start of the new year, I completed the ‘Privacy Advocate’ training from The Photo Managers. It was interesting and important, both for myself and for my business and clients. As a photo organizer (photo manager), I am in the forefront of the photo organizing process, providing me with the opportunity to handle it as safely as possible for both myself and my clients – ensuring that photos and information remain secure.

Privacy is a universal right. And without privacy, you cannot have proper security; that is also the motto of the training. It sounds logical, but it’s essential to understand what these concepts mean in practice. Since I often work digitally, dealing with other people’s ‘stuff,’ I want to work as effectively and securely as possible, and also educate my clients. I now have knowledge of the risks, dangers, and ‘countermeasures,’ so I can also ensure that this security is maintained.

Many topics were covered; I’ll share more about them in my blog!