Make back-ups as support for memories

.Make back-ups. External hard drive as back-up for photos.

How often do you make a backup of your digital photos? Even if you have copies of your photos in the ‘cloud’, it is sensible to archive your photos on an external hard drive (EHD).

A good guideline for safeguarding your photos is the 3-2-1- system.

Make three copies: two in your house (one on your computer and one on an EHD), and one outside your home, for example on an EHD in another building, or in the ‘cloud’.

A good discipline is to update everything every three months, and if you have a large collection of photos, then do it more frequently. Try to link the process of updating with another fixed event, such as the first of the month. Your photos are valuable for a reason.

And if you always have good backups, you can always make good photo albums collating precious memories. Soon you will be able to look back on all the photos that you made during this Corona period, or make a book of for example 25 years of a weekend on the island of Texel.