Organising Masks

21 March 2020.  A bizarre time. I am making COVID-19 masks. There are still shortages in the care sector, and I think that it is a good idea that we all wear masks ourselves to prevent the spread of the virus.


I found a handy pattern with explanation in a video clip from Mr Kwong from Hong Kong. It is important to note that these masks do not comply with the FFP1 or FFP2 specifications. Nevertheless, perhaps in an emergency situation they can be used in the care sector. I make the masks from various scraps of cotton that I happen to have in the house. The beauty of this design is that it fits well and has two layers. It uses a layer of tissue or kitchen roll between the two cotton layers as an extra filter. An extra ribbon or elastic can help to seal the mask more effectively.


It is important to have more than one mask so that you can refresh the mask after 2-3 hours and wash the used mask. Naturally I am attracted by the sustainability of these masks.
I gladly share with you the pattern and instructions for the different sizes, together with an instruction video.

Pattern size medium

Pattern size large

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And if you want to read more about this: this is an interesting article about the virus and masks: