Time is precious, and photos therefore too. Because photos have recorded time, things, people, occurrences, and developments. How pleasing to let photos tell a story, or to illustrate a timeline or a generation. This can be all-embracing or a brief outline.

I will help you on your way with pleasure, or create with you an overview, possible further developed as a poster or a book. Or a timeline on a wall with framed photographs. We can do the research together, or I can do it alone (within a clear agreed framework). If photos need to be scanned, then I can take care of that for you. And hanging the framed photos and other family matters, I do that too!


Photo left: Exhibition The Many Lives of Erik Kessels, Torino (I)

Do you want to make a start on a photo story with me: Let’s first get acquainted; there is no charge. We will discuss the objective and the options. My hourly rate is € 65 (including VAT) if we work together, and € 50 if I do it alone (within clear agreed limits, of course). For travel time longer than a half-hour, I add a small sum for travel costs.


Making a photo book is a time-consuming business. But what pleasure it gives to be working on it, and how wonderful and cherished the finished book becomes. Make time, and take the first step to begin. Do you find the first step difficult perhaps because you have such a huge number of photos. I can help you with making a step-by-step plan. Defining the objective of the photo book often leads to a much easier decision process. We can sort together, and if you like, I can make the book (either physical or digital). Cutting and pasting, scanning and positioning – I have done a great deal in my lifetime.


A collage of a particular event or time is also a nice way to ensure that photos are not left unused. I have also made a great many of these in my lifetime. With a graphic design background, I can make attractive compositions. And there are many other options. For example, when my son celebrated his 30th birthday, I made a digital mosaic of a map of the world (a fun job). This was built up of 30 x 30 digital photos (30 photos for each year of his life), a proportion of which I had to scan. I had the whole printed by a professional photographer, and this makes a wonderful final result – you have to keep looking at it.

Would you like to start working with me? An introductory meeting is free, and we can discuss the options. Thereafter, you can choose one of the following

PLANS OF Action:

  • PLAN OF ACTION = 2 hours; cost € 130 (including VAT)
  • PLAN OF ACTION + WE START TOGETHER = 2 x 2 hours; cost € 260 (including VAT)
  • PLAN OF ACTION + WE WORK TOGETHER; time and cost to be agreed
  • PLAN OF ACTION + I DO EVERYTHING; time and cost to be agreed

For travel times longer than a half-hour, I add a small sum for travel costs.

Shall we get started? Make an appointment for an introductory meeting.